This page lists conferences and workshops that I have attended recently. You can also download the slides of some recent talks. See also the archive of activities in past years. Past lectures are listed under Teaching. Upcoming activities are usually listed on the homepage.

Conferences & workshops

9 January 2018 Workshop on flavio, YETI 2018, IPPP Durham
15-17 January 2018 Zurich Phenomenology Workshop
20-22 February 2018 MIAPP topical workshop b→sll 2018, Munich (Organizer)
16-19 April 2018 HEFT 2018, Mainz
21-25 May 2018 Planck 2018, Bonn
17-18 September CKM 2018, Heidelberg
1-5 October Workshop Beyond the Standard Model: Where do we go from here?, GGI Florence
8-10 October DFG grant meeting, University of Warsaw
17-19 October LHCb Implications Workshop, CERN
24-26 October Heraeus Seminar on Particle Physics with Cold and Ultracold Neutrons, Bad Honnef


5 February 2018 Theory seminar, Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics,
26 April 2018 Seminar, NBI Copenhagen


12-18 August Lecture, PSI Summer School, Zuoz