David M. Straub

Particle physics phenomenologist. Junior Research Group Leader at the Excellence Cluster Universe in Munich (group website ).

+49 89 35831 7166
Universe Cluster office 224

I recently started flavio, an open source code for flavour phenomenology written in Python.
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Upcoming activities

27-29 September DESY Theory Workshop
11-13 October Lecture, KIT Graduate School Workshop, Bad Liebenzell
19 October Seminar, University of Rome III
8-10 November Workshop Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future Prospects, CERN (member of the organizing committee)
18-19 December Workshop, PSI
15-17 January 2018 Zurich Phenomenology Workshop
5 February Seminar, MPIK Heidelberg
20-22 February b→sℓℓ 2018: 6th Workshop on Rare Semileptonic B Decays, Munich (organizer)

Past activities …