New blog series on public codes

Time to resuscitate the blog section of my web site!

Recently, I’ve been involved in the development of a number of public codes for phenomenology. While they are mostly reasonably documented and described in papers, I realized in conversations with colleagues that there is not much awareness about what these various codes can (and cannot) do. Moreover, there can never be enough concrete examples of how to use these tools.

So I just decided to start a new blog series on public codes, with a rough outline being:

  1. WCxf: the Wilson coefficient exchange format
  2. wilson: matching and running in SMEFT and WET
  3. flavio: flavour and other precision observables in the SM and beyond
  4. smelli: a global SMEFT likelihood
  5. parton: PDFs in Python

and, in case it turns out being fun, I might continue with a series of posts about smaller tools or usage examples.

If there is something you are particularly interested in, let me know below.

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