Software is an important part of particle physics phenomenology. In my opinion, as much of this software as possible should be open source because

  • it avoids duplication of effort (a.k.a. reinventing the wheel),
  • it allows scrutiny of implementations (a.k.a. peer review),
  • it facilitates collaboration.

Below is a list of open source projects related to HEP that I initiated or contribute to.


A Python package for the phenomenology of flavour physics and other precision tests in the Standard model and beyond, containing a library of observables, experimental measurements, statistical and visualization routines


A Python package providing a global likelihood for the Standard Model Effective Field Theory


A Python package for the running and matching of Wilson coefficients above and below the electroweak scale


An exchange format for Wilson coefficients beyond the Standard Model


A Python package for parton distributions and parton luminosities


A Python package with useful functions for dealing with quark and lepton mixing matrices


Python package to convert data files in SLHA and similar formats to python objects, JSON, or YAML


Python wrapper around the CRunDec package for the running of the strong coupling constant and quark masses


Python package to auto-generate bibliographies pulling the bibtex data from Inspire