Past lectures at TUM

Summer semester 2018 Introduction to Flavour Physics (with Danny van Dyk, Thomas Kuhr, and Daniel Greenwald)
Summer semester 2016 Kern-, Teilchen- und Astrophysik 2
Winter semester 2014/15 Physics beyond the Standard Model See the Blog post for more information.

Past lectures at summer/winter schools

11-13 October 2017 “B physics”, KIT Graduate School Workshop, Bad Liebenzell
23 March 2017 “Effective theories for flavour within & beyond the SM”, LHCb workshop, Neckarzimmern
25 September 2015 “Interpreting measurements”, school on Precision measurements in top-quark and bottom-quark physics, Meinerzhagen
27 August 2014 “Flavour Physics: Theory”, DESY summer student programme, Hamburg
5–7 March 2014 “CP violation in the Standard Model and beyond”, Nikhef, Amsterdam
12–15 January 2014 “Flavour Physics beyond the Standard Model”, YETI 2014, Durham Slides
28–29 August 2013 “Heavy Flavour Theory”, CERN-Fermilab Hadron Collider Physics Summer School, CERN Slides, video 1, video 2
16 August 2013 “Flavour Physics: Theory”, DESY summer student programme, DESY Slides
15–21 July 2013 “Rare decays beyond the Standard Model”, Summer School “Physics of Heavy Quarks and Hadrons”, Dubna Slides